May 01, 2012
The Church I Didn't Get Married In - A Story

My DH and I were married on 1st October 1993 in what was then The Townhouse Hotel but had previously been the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama where I had studied for part of my Masters. The building had a lot of happy memories for me and with the added bonus of a politically right on address, Nelson Mandela Place, the bold boy was happy too.

Nowadays you can pretty much get married wherever you like but in 1993 you could only be married by a religious celebrant or a registrar - and registrars were only allowed to marry you in the registry office. I had rejected the registry office as it looked like someone's rather depressing old fashioned front-room and as we were both atheists, we were a bit short of religious celebrants in our lives.

Our politics came to the rescue in the form of a friend who introduced us to the Reverend Adrian Rennie, a Church of Scotland minister who also happened to be heavily involved in Scottish CND.

Adrian was a lovely bloke who sadly died far too young in the year 2000 aged only 37 years old. He was happy to marry us in a hotel and very tactfully never discussed our religious convictions or lack of them.

Shortly before our wedding, the hotel told us there may be some problems as they had a film company (see below) booked in that week to use the hotel as a venue. Adrian to the rescue.

One of the churches he worked with was St Andrew's in the East End of Glasgow. It was very run down in what was then a fairly dodgy part of the city and by then had more or less stopped functioning in terms of religious services. Adrian,oh so kindly given our views, offered to let us be married in his church if the hotel let us down.

As it turned out, the hotel was able to accommodate us so we never saw the church - or at least not until last week when we went to a gig played by Andy Irvine. It was a fun night. The music was great. But the building. Oh my. See what they did when they restored it.


The history of the church and photos of the restoration along with details of the lovely arts venue and restaurant that it is now can be found here.

It's nice to know it's still used for weddings too. Even if it wasn't for mine.

(The celidh scene in Shallow Grave was filmed in the ballroom of the hotel - and 24 hours later our wedding celidh took place there. And on the plus side, the film company payed the bill for having the dance floor laid !)

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January 06, 2012
Christmas in a Box


Good grief. Another year over and it's all packed away again to hide in the eaves until next December.

I can't quite believe I've let another year slip by and have only just got round to updating this blog ! I have been really busy - especially at work. And to be honest, I'm not sure that I'll be any less busy when I go back to the office on Monday. But I will try very hard to make more time for me, for my health and for friends :0)

Next time, I'll show you what I've been knitting.

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